Your program guide to pigskin nation

Mon, Nov 30

Time to cue up The College Football DVR, where -- depending on whim -- we'll look back, forward or just let things play, always in quick succession.

REW: In Gainesville, Fla., fans honored Tim Tebow in his last home game by donning his trademark eye black. In South Bend, Ind., Notre Dame fans honored Jimmy Clausen by not egging his parents' old house.

REW: Representatives from several BCS bowls were on hand to watch Boise State beat Nevada 44-33 on Friday, and afterward were falling over themselves to entice the Broncos to play in their postseason game -- with the Orange Bowl CEO offering to paint the Land Shark field blue and the Fiesta Bowl CEO offering to invite an opponent (New Mexico State) on par with Boise's usual competition.

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