Leave before you're asked to, Bobby

Mon, Nov 30

Words to live by: Quit before they can fire you.

If you do that, as Florida State defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews did, you get to be the grand marshal of the homecoming parade, receive a nice parting gift, and leave the field after your last home game on your players' shoulders.

If you don't? You might get pushed to the pavement like Andrews' old boss, Bobby Bowden.

The tragedy? It's Andrews who got Bowden fired.

FSU is 27th in the country in total offense, and the Seminoles were 20th after losing to Clemson, when quarterback Christian Ponder went down for the season. At BYU, which finished with 10 wins, the Noles put up 54 points and embarrassed the Cougars.

The defense, however, was atrocious. If it wasn't the worst you've ever seen, chances are you didn't see it. Poor tackling and worse pursuit left FSU 87th or worse in pass defense, rush defense, total defense and scoring defense. With just a smidgen of defense, FSU probably beats Miami, Georgia Tech and Boston College, finishes with nine wins, and gives Bowden the chance to take a victory lap.

Instead? Andrews, after watching his defense fall for every fake in the book -- yes, ESPN Research double-checked the book -- got the royal treatment, and Bowden might get the door.

An elder statesman had to go in Tallahassee … and he might take Bobby Bowden with him.