Preach what you practice

Wed, Dec 2

To celebrate the return of 10-time NBA All-Star Allen Iverson to Philadelphia, we popped over to YouTube to check out DJ Steve Porter's video called "Press Hop."

Porter lives in New York and is a touring deejay who focuses mostly on electronic dance music. And he dabbles on musical remixes including video, and there you have "Press Hop," a collection of news conferences and interviews of athletes, from Allen Iverson to Jim Mora to Terrell Owens.

"Being from New England, I've always been a huge sports guy, and basically one day I just got lost on YouTube going through all of the best sports press conference moments," Porter said. "I had just finished up a couple video remixes for Vince Offer, 'The Shamwow Guy,' and I was looking for something different to try. I guess that's how 'Press Hop' was born. I just started grabbing press conference clips and fitting them into a groove I wrote. The real challenge was knowing when to stop pulling video clips into the track, there are so many awesome press conference moments out there it's hard to draw the line."

Porter isn't sure whether Iverson had seen the video yet. But someone else has.

"The reaction to 'Press Hop' has been incredible. It hit the top of the viral video chart within a few days of its release, and just a few weeks ago Shaq posted it on his Twitter," Porter said. "Basically the reaction from the public has been, 'Don't stop making these!' I think finally all these years of being a sports fan, a DJ and a music producer has come together into something that comes quite naturally to me. It's a marriage of my two favorite worlds."