The Skinny on Bowden's Skivvies

Thu, Dec 3

Bobby Bowden has called a lot of people 'buddy,' and I'm one of them. What better way to avoid remembering names, especially the name of the guy who washed your underwear.

As a student at Florida State, I worked as an equipment manager for the football team and among the many, ahem, glorious duties I had was laundry detail. Jock straps, game uniforms, whatever. You name it, I washed it.

Now, getting to handle the Big Man's gear was not an assignment handed to you on your first day. In fact, I didn't get to that level until I was a junior. Like a rite of passage, I was finally taught The Lesson of Bowden's Laundry from my superiors.

Bowden liked one specific type of underwear and when we checked his laundry, we washed it as soon as possible. No matter how much or how little there was in his bin.

I guess one of the perks that comes with almost unparalleled success is prompt (and impeccable) laundry service -- and the right to be a little particular.

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