What happens to Hofstra's football gear?

Thu, Dec 3

After 69 years, Hofstra University is shutting down its football program. The Hofstra Pride, it seems, aren't proud enough to generate any ticket sales. Bummer. This is an especially big drag for all those great NFL stars Hofstra has produced. Like Marques Colston, Wayne Chrebet and … um, well, that's pretty much it. Thankfully, in this age of recycling, nothing goes to waste. Everything from Hofstra's newly defunct football program is being resold, repurposed or reused.

Leftover jerseys: Hofstra's road jerseys won't go to waste. They are being sold to USC. Mostly white, with blue and gold trim, the Trojans will use them to dress practice players like UCLA Bruins. It will help to make their postgame taunting drills that much more realistic.

Goalposts: Hofstra's two goalposts are being spilt between Michigan and Notre Dame. Neither school has had a big win in so long, the students have forgotten how to celebrate.

Helmet decals: Hofstra's stylized lion logo looks an awful lot like Penn State's. So much so, in fact, that the folks in Happy Valley bought the whole lot, confident JoePa's eyes aren't good enough to spot the difference.

Helmets: The helmets themselves went to the pros. Ben Roethlisberger, Kurt Warner, Brian Westbrook, DeSean Jackson, Clinton Portis, Jamal Lewis and every other player with concussion problems got one for free, for personal use. At this point, the league is willing to try anything.

James M. Shuart Stadium: Opened in 1962, last renovated in 1996, Shuart holds 13,000 people -- which tells you why the football program didn't make any money. Also, the New York Jets held their training camp at Hofstra until 2008, but this year, they left for New Jersey -- always a bad sign. After losing six of their past eight games, though, the Jets have decided there's no way they can fill the new Meadowlands stadium next year. That's why they are moving back to Hofstra to play all their 2010 home games.