Joe Montana as a New York Jet?

Sat, Dec 5

If you think of Joe Montana, you probably picture him in a 49ers uniform. Or maybe a Notre Dame uniform. Or maaaayyybe a Chiefs uniform.

But almost certainly not a Jets uniform.

That image comes from this old commercial from Sega's "NFL 95" video game, which had a "trading feature" that allowed you swap players to different teams. Weird, but probably not quite as weird as the Raiders players who apologize to Montana after sacking him in the commercial. Al Davis must have had a fit after seeing that one.

Even weirder: Here's a video clip about the making of that commercial. No mention of the Jets uni, but Montana discusses the video game's features while wearing a Cleveland Indians cap -- pretty shocking, considering the NFL usually doesn't allow any cross-marketing with other sports. In fact, the NFL just invoked that regulation to put the kibosh on an ad that would have commingled the Bears and Blackhawks.

All of which reinforces something that lots of fans already know: Video games are more interesting than real life. And it was already true back in 1995.