Page 2's Classifrauds

Mon, Dec 7

Why should craigslist have all the fun? Page 2's very own classified ad section is back in business. Help these folks earn a little extra holiday cash.

• Trophy case, 2 years old. Specially built to hold Heisman Trophy. Never used. Call C. McCoy, Austin, Texas.

• Clearance! Prices slashed on all 2009 Greg Oden merchandise. Wide selection of 2008, 2007 gear also available.

• Vikings' bandwagon, low miles. Only driven half a season. Will trade for Arizona Cardinals' bandwagon.

• Sombrero and poncho, game-worn. Going for $25,000 or whatever the fine is. Chad "Esteban" Ochocinco at Paul Brown Stadium.

• Assorted baseball players: Johnny Damon, Adrian Beltre, Matt Holliday, Jarrod Washburn, Ivan Rodriguez and more. Serious inquiries. No small markets, please. Contact: S. Boras in Indianapolis.

• One halo, slightly tearstained. Also, BCS Championship Game tickets. Must sell!

• Professional golfer's "little black book." Includes hundreds (possibly thousands) of cocktail waitresses, publicists, ex-strippers and golf groupies. Buy it or I'll burn it. E. Woods. Orlando.