12 things that would surprise me today...

Sun, Dec 13
Philip RiversAP Photo/Amy Sancetta San Diego's Philip Rivers should have a field day as his tall receivers face off against Dallas.

I'd be surprised if … Mike Tomlin had any more cool slogans for the Steelers.

I'd be surprised if … I've ever seen a team's ground game get stuffed at the line of scrimmage more often than the 49ers'.

I'd be surprised if … there was a team in a better position to catch a wave and ride it deep into the playoffs than the Packers, provided they get that running game going in Chicago.

I'd be surprised if … Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel didn't shut down Giants wideout Steve Smith.

I'd be surprised if … even Peyton Manning wasn't impressed with Kyle Orton's play-action passing technique.

I'd be surprised if … Philip Rivers didn't throw a lot of high passes in Dallas. Not to try to hit the gigantic TV, but because his wideouts have about a half-foot height advantage over the Cowboys' defensive backs.

I'd be surprised if … the Bengals didn't use the Cardinals' blueprint and try to rattle Brett Favre, not by sacking him but by flushing him out of the pocket.

I'd be surprised if … anyone realized what a significant tipping point we've reached now that more snaps are taken from the shotgun than under center.

I'd be surprised if … I was finally able to break two hours during my half-marathon this weekend.

I'd be surprised if … Bill Belichick could get away with treating Adalius Thomas like a teenager on scholarship much longer. The rest of the cuckold Patriots players might keep taking it, but not Thomas.

I'd be surprised if … there were a less significant trend than this nonsense about the Cowboys struggling in December. It's been 13 years since Dallas has won a playoff game -- of course the Cowboys struggle in December. So do the Chiefs.

I'd be surprised if … any other benched quarterback refers to himself in the third person as much as JaMarcus Russell does.