No boundaries for Ochocinco

Sun, Dec 13

What will Chad Ochocinco do next?

Chad Ochocinco
AP Photo/Tony TribbleWhat will Chad Ochocinco do Sunday?

The Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver said he'll snatch the Minnesota Vikings mascot's horns Sunday. Or did he say he'll grab and blow the blow horn? Or will he jump on a motorcycle and ride around the Metrodome?

Does it make a difference? As long as he does something, right?

So far this season, Mr. 85 has been fined $30,000 for a poncho and a sombrero, $20,000 for initiating a bribe and saying the word "bribe" to a referee and $5,000 for rocking the wrong color chin strap.

And with less than a handful of games remaining, what else will he do?

For Week 15 against the San Diego Chargers, maybe he can stand in the end zone and pretend he's accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. In Week 16 against the Kansas City Chiefs, he can act out a scene from "Glee." And in the final week against the New York Jets, he can bench-press Jets coach Rex Ryan.

$50K … $75K … $100K.

He's already proved that no fine is too steep. So why not just go for it?

Whatever he does, it'll all be worth it. The beautiful thing about Ochocinco is that even if we can come up with the most outrageous celebrations in the world, he'll still come up with something sicker.