Ten signs you're no longer a Blue Jays fan

Tue, Dec 15

10. You only go to the games for the small chance an amorous couple will leave their curtains open in their SkyDome Rogers Centre hotel room.

9. You threw away your 1993 Blue Jays World Series Highlights VHS tape.

8. But kept your "Bryan Adams Greatest Hits" cassette.

7. You've finally given up arguing that Dave Stieb deserved the 1982 Cy Young Award.

6. You think soccer-style numbers belong only on soccer jerseys.

5. You'd rather eat a Philly cheesesteak than a bowl of poutine.

4. You'd point out the team has outscored its opponents five straight seasons and has won 80-plus games nine of the past 12 seasons but then you'd remember that mediocrity only works in the NL Central, NL West or AL Central, so you decide instead to have another Labatt's and watch your DVD of great hockey fights.

3. You didn't even bother hanging up your Joe Carter Christmas tree ornament this year.

2. You just learned Rance Mulliniks isn't the third baseman anymore.

1. You're starting to believe the Maple Leafs know what they're doing.