Love, hate and a super early top 25 for 2010

Thu, Dec 17

Editor's note: Matthew Berry strikes first in the race for the earliest 2010 fantasy football rankings then comes back to the present for another weekly edition of Love/Hate.


In every single industry, we compete to be first. To come up with a cure, to invent a new product, to discover a new Tiger mistress. We want to be the first to tell you about the great new movie we just saw, the awesome new band we just heard, the funny person we just found on Twitter. People even get a thrill out of posting "first" on the message board after an article's posted. That one always befuddles me.

It's as if you are announcing to the world: "Hey, I have no life. I was sitting online, clicking refresh over and over and then as soon as this story showed up, I rushed to the message board to post first. I now expect much cheering and adulation toward my made-up screen name that identifies me not at all. Revere me."

I don't get it but it just underscores the need we have to be first. Fantasy is driven by this. We love to say, "I was the first guy who saw Jamaal Charles coming," and "I knew all Mike Sims-Walker needed was a chance. And someone to make sure he made curfew." "Back when Cedric Benson was arrested in Austin and released by the Bears, I grabbed him in my keeper league because I knew he'd get another chance a year later and make the most of it."

There's always a guy in your league that takes the rookies or hot sleepers way too early. He wants to be the first guy. It gets ridiculous.

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