Uniforms Gone Wild!

Sat, Dec 19

What smells even worse than a bunch of sweaty hockey gear? A bunch of burnt hockey gear.

That's a bunch of Minnesota Wild uniforms and equipment. Or at least it used to be -- the team's equipment van caught fire Friday. Nobody was hurt, but much of the team's gear was destroyed -- skates, sticks, goalie gear, uniforms, pads, the works.

The Wild didn't have a game, but they're slated to play the Senators in Ottawa Saturday. There was some initial talk of postponing the game, but the NHL has decreed that the show must go on, so the team is scrambling to round up replacement gear -- a particularly tricky proposition for goalies, who usually break in their pads well in advance of wearing them in a game, and for players wearing special braces and other custom-fitted equipment.

Of course, this isn't the first time a sports team has had to improvise when its gear has gone missing. To read about a bunch of similar situations (none of which, admittedly, involved a van catching on fire), look here.