Favre, Childress have been arguing for a while.

Tue, Dec 22

The football world is aflutter about Brett Favre's sideline tiff with Brad Childress Sunday, as if people never disagree with their bosses.

Brett Favre and Brad Childress
AP Photo/Craig LassigFavre and Childress, in better times?

Multiple outlets have reported that this incident wasn't the first between Favre and Childress over playing time.

But Favre and Childress have argued over more than just that since that chopper landed in August.

Just like at your office, the boss always wins:

• "You're right, Brett. A man of your stature needs more legroom. No more Escalades. Nothing less than a limo for you."

• "You're right, Brett. Sophia was spunky, but Rose was the funniest 'Golden Girl'. She was like a kid out there."

• "You're right, Brett. 'Brett' would a great middle name for my next born son."

• "You're right, Brett. I'll go with the Wranglers over these 501's."

• "You're right, Brett. It doesn't matter what you call me. The team knows who's the boss. 'Chilly' it is."