Joe Theismann: Colts will win the Super Bowl

Sun, Dec 27
Joe TheismannAP Photo/Gregory BullSuper Bowl champ Joe Theismann on the drama between Favre and Childress: "It's ridiculous."

Super Bowl champion and NFL MVP Joe Theismann is leading the charge against an opponent far greater than he's ever faced. Theismann is creating awareness of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA), a leading cause of death among men over 60. Theismann's father was diagnosed with the condition several years ago, and Theismann has since teamed up with Find the AAAnswers, an organization focused on creating a greater knowledge of this little-known medical issue.

Page 2 recently caught up with Theismann to talk a little football.

Q: What do you think about today's game?

A: I watch football with great envy now. I wish I could have played at this time. We have become an entertaining game. Football has become entertainment. All the rules are slanted toward the offense. You can't hit receivers after 5 yards, can't hit quarterbacks. Game has been set up to penalize the defense and maximize the offense. I wouldn't have thought we'd see someone throw over 500 yards, but Ben [Roethlisberger] did. Another example is DeSean Jackson, who has nine touchdowns of more than 50 yards. We're seeing things in football that I don't think anyone would have dreamed of.

Q: What do you make of the drama surrounding Brad Childress and Brett Favre?

A: It's ridiculous. Joe Gibbs tried to pull me out of a game. … We were getting the living daylights kicked out of us, and Joe wanted to pull me. But I said, 'I'm not leaving those guys.' We scored a touchdown, I walked by him, and said, 'If you want to pull me now, I'll sit down.' Joe was not an easy person to bargain with. It was a dictatorship, same way I ran my huddles. … Childress has to think about the season, the playoffs, the lack of protection. The left tackle position has become a problem for the Vikings. Why would you leave your QB out there to get killed? I know where Brett's coming from: He didn't want to leave. But I know where Childress is coming from: He has a Super Bowl run to worry about.

Q: Who do you like right now to win the Super Bowl?

A: Indy looks like the best team in football. They've played the most consistent. Peyton [Manning] is magnificent. I think he's having his greatest season ever. Remember, the playoffs are not a best-of-seven series. If you just don't play well on that particular day, you're finished. Look at the Pats from a few years ago. You're 18-1 and you're an afterthought in football.