I miss the old Orange Bowl

Tue, Jan 5

Know what's the greatest sin of the BCS? What it has done to the Orange Bowl.

The Orange Bowl was the best. It had the coolest parade -- much less stodgy than the Rose Bowl parade -- and the game was guaranteed entertainment.

In the 1980s, it was the home of the national championship game and that continued into the 1990s when it had five title games. Oklahoma. Miami. Florida State. Nebraska. That was some good television.

Then came the BCS in 1998, and the property value plummeted.

If the Orange Bowl didn't host the BCS Championship game, the field looked like a club with no dress code. Any and everyone could get in. Syracuse, Maryland, Iowa, Louisville, Wake Forest, Kansas and Cincinnati each took the field in Miami since 1998.

This is what the BCS has wrought.

Complain about a playoff if you want, but the BCS didn't start that fire.

It did, however, turn the Orange Bowl into a pumpkin.