The Broadcast Booth Banned List

Fri, Jan 8

The BCS has been decided, but there's stilll time before the NFL playoffs to enact a mandate against certain words used during broadcasts.

In fact, let it be done. The following terms are hereby banned from any and all sports broadcasts.

Nick Saban
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Let this be the last time we hear the words barn-burner and jiggy.
  • nifty
  • neat
  • smash mouth
  • gangbusters
  • barn-burner
  • doozy
  • posse
  • posterize
  • getting off the snide
  • wily (or savvy) vet
  • team of destiny
  • icing on the cake
  • knack for the ball
  • jiggy
  • game face
  • gut check
  • when the fat lady sings
  • when it's all said and done
  • snazzy
  • chippy

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