Loyalty matters to DJ Gallo

Wed, Jan 13

Lane Kiffin is a despicable human being. I don't care how much money USC offered him.

I don't care if coaching USC is his dream job. I don't care that when he signed his contract with Tennessee he never imagined that the USC job would come open. I don't care that he has lived most of his adult life in California. None of that matters. Because there is something called LOYALTY. Loyalty MATTERS. When you take a job, when someone does you the favor of employing you, you don't just get up and go whenever the next, better job comes along. That's why Lane Kiffin is not someone worthy of our respect. Lane Kiffin is trash.

I'd write more about this, but I have to stop now because I only get a 10-minute break here at The Burger Shack. I've been employed here since I was 15. And I will never leave! If only everyone was as loyal. I've seen other people come and go for years. To national fast food chains. To fancy sit-down restaurants. To college. But they're no better than Lane Kiffin. I spit on them. And on their burgers when they come in here to eat.