Pete Carroll already has much to do in Seattle

Wed, Jan 13

Now that Pete Carroll has traded the Trojans for a raincoat, it's time to get to work.

USC won more games in a down year than the Seahawks did in the last two, proof of how much harder it will be to work under a salary cap.

So what's the Surfin' Seahawk got on his to-do list?

Pete Carroll
Otto Greule Jr./Getty ImagesThere's much to see and do in Seattle, but Pete Carroll was hired to do something about that smell.
  • Improve morale with team trip to Pike's Fish Market, so no one can tell they stink.

  • Find younger quarterback than Hasselbeck. This guy's available.

  • Get into the Seattle music scene. Visit the Experience Music Project and put "Baby Got Back" on iPod.

  • Don't bring iPod to work. The owner's a PC.

  • Go green. Not that green, but green.

  • Reggie Bush might be a free agent? Put that troublemaker's number under "Do Not Answer" in cell.

  • Thank Kiffin for making sure USC misses me (hey, John Robinson came back).

  • Check out a basketball game.