Will karma catch up with the Colts?

Thu, Jan 14
Peyton ManningJoe Robbins/Getty ImagesWill sending Peyton to the sideline against the Jets come back to haunt the Colts?

Is bad karma going to bite the Indianapolis Colts where the sun doesn't shine on Saturday night, when they host the Baltimore Ravens in the second round of the NFL playoffs?

Lawrence Spencer, founder of sportskarma.com, not only expects it will happen, he hopes it will happen.

"They have some heavy karma stacked against them," Spencer, 63, said from his Sacramento home. "They betrayed their own fans in Indianapolis just as they once betrayed the city of Baltimore. If you are good to people, good things happen to you. But if you're a jerk, it will bite you in the ass."

Are the Colts jerks? Let's review:

Colts' Most Recent Betrayal: They started this season 14-0, and in their second-to-last game they led the New York Jets 15-10 early in the third quarter. That's when coach Jim Caldwell yanked MVP quarterback Peyton Manning and other key starters to protect them from injury. The Jets rallied to win 29-15, ending the Colts' chances of a perfect 16-0 regular season and becoming the first 19-0 Super Bowl champions.

The Baltimore Betrayal: On March 29, 1984, 15 Mayflower Transit trucks pulled into the Baltimore Colts' training complex at 2 a.m. to load up all the team's equipment and transport it to Indianapolis. Yes, the Colts sneaked out of Baltimore in the middle of the night.

Is that a karmic debt long unpaid? If so, a loss on Saturday to the underdog Ravens (who once were the Cleveland Browns, but let's not get into that) would go a long way toward evening the score.

But that was a quarter-century ago. Let's get back to last month, and the Colts' throwing away their shot at perfection.

"It might have been the last chance for a team to have a perfect season," said Spencer. "The betrayal of their fans, their players and the NFL in general was so blatant because they don't even have a backup quarterback."

(Well, technically they do, although Curtis Painter's family probably doesn't brag about it.)

Do you believe in the concept of karma? Did the Curse of the Bambino really exist? Is there a cosmic accountant who keeps tabs on what we do and makes sure our spreadsheet balances in the end?

Spencer had one final reminder about karma in the world of sports:

"Look at Tiger Woods. It always catches up with you."