Mark McGwire inspires us to finally come clean

Thu, Jan 14
Mark McGwireAP Photo/Mary ButkusThanks, Big Mac. It does feel better to admit to something everyone already knew.

In light of Mark McGwire's admission to steroid use, Page 2 realized there may be something we all want to finally admit, performance-enhancing or otherwise.

So we gave our staff the chance to come clean, breathe easy and be absolved. Well, maybe not that last part. We do have some real weirdos on the payroll.

If you'd like to get something off your chest, then tweet us @espn_page2. The funniest admissions might just be reposted later on today. That way, the whole world will know just how messed up you really are.

Allow us to do the honors:

Scoop Jackson: Mark McGwire inspired me to admit that I've used Alicia Keys to help recover from injuries -- I mean, writer's block. An autographed framed photo of AK sits in my office, and its helped me finish columns since 2003. When serious writer's block sets in (yeah, that's it, writer's block!) and I can't seem to find the right word, I just pull that photo off the wall and stare at it. All I can think about is her singing (yeah, her singing!)

Sure, it's her Rolling Stone photo (you know, that cut-off-t-shirt-exposed-naval shot) but that's not why it helps me write. No, I've been married for 15 years. I'd never be disloyal to the game -- I mean, my wife. I just use Alicia Keys to increase my pen speed. (Yeah, pen speed.)

Paul Lukas: People are often surprised to hear I can write about uniforms on a full-time basis, and I always tell them the same thing: "Never underestimate the power of obsessive geekitude."

And lots of Diet Coke.

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