Reggie Bush and magazine jinx?

Sat, Jan 16

The New Orleans Saints are about to play the biggest game in their franchise's history. Yes, they've been here before, played in Week 19 before, been the favorite to win before.

But this is supposed to be their dream season. One that catapulted them into 1985 Bears conversation. And it still can happen.

But now there's something out there that might ruin their whole season.

An outside force of nature that has ruined, destroyed, brought down the best of the best year after year. Mostly it's been Sports Illustrated that's been the grim reaper of sports. Causing the downfall of many teams and athletes by letting them grace the cover of their magazines at the most appropriate/inappropriate time.

Now it's the Saints' turn.

So this time, if the Saints don't win the Super Bowl, don't blame it on Gregg Williams' defense for not playing up to expectations; don't blame it on Drew Brees not playing like the best QB in the NFL.

If the Saints lose any game from now until the next issue comes out, the blame can be placed not on SI, but on Essence magazine.

For it is that magazine's editors who decided to put the one and only Reggie Bush on this month's cover.

Because jinxes, you know, don't discriminate.