12 more things that would surprise me

Sun, Jan 17
ReedJoe Robbins/Getty ImagesBaltimore's Ed Reed, who is contemplating retirement, is what's right about the NFL.

I'd be surprised if … that Colts' swarming, nasty defense didn't just prove the importance of rested, healthy players.

I'd be surprised if … the Jets weren't out looking for taller DBs on Monday morning.

I'd be surprised if … LT didn't end up like John Elway did in the final season of his illustrious career: with the whole world rooting him on toward a Super Bowl capstone.

I'd be surprised if … anyone ever questioned Kurt Warner's toughness after coming back from that skull rattling hit.

I'd be surprised if … Jack Clark wasn't my new all-time favorite baseball player.

I'd be surprised if … the Jets' power running attack, that floods rush lanes with as many as three lead blockers, didn't break the Chargers' spirit at least once -- or twice -- today.

I'd be surprised if … Saints backup QB Mark Brunell didn't owe me an apology. A few weeks ago we discussed the "rest vs. rust" argument -- and I said rest was best.

I'd be surprised if … there was a better book about the sport, spirit and science of endurance running than "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall.

I'd be surprised if … even going against max protection schemes, with extra backs and tight ends, that DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer didn't have Brett Favre thinking hard about retirement, again, this afternoon -- stats show that no one gets sacks more against lighter pass rushes than the Vikes QB.

I'd be surprised if … Pat Williams didn't end up regretting saying that the Cowboys ran on Philly, "but that's Philly."

I'd be surprised if … players like Ed Reed, who are the best at what they do but also understand there's life outside of the NFL, weren't actually the best thing for their sport.

I'd be surprised if … the TV folks who decided to use U2's "Bad" to help promote an upcoming NASCAR race didn't realize that's a song about addiction.