Why isn't LeBron in the dunk contest?

Mon, Jan 18
LeBron James
Andy Hayt/NBAE/Getty ImagesC'mon, LeBron. We know you can win it. So are you scared?

"LeBron, where you at?"

The NBA just released the official roster for the 2010 Sprite Slam Dunk contest. And LBJ's name is nowhere to be found.

Now, if you'll remember during the broadcast of last year's competition, James publicly announced that he would be in this year's contest. He made it unofficially official.

So here's the list, but no LeBron. What happened?

Did he just get caught up in the moment last year and speak without really thinking? Did he say it, then realize that it's actually more fun dunking "on" people than dunking for judges? Did he change his mind once he found out his main competition Dwight Howard wasn't going to be in it? Did he get talked out of it by one of his Nike reps? (I know, I know ... cheap joke.)

Last week, he said, "I'm still 50/50. I haven't made up my mind yet."

Not good. Because unless something changes, unless the league decides to add a fifth person to the contest, it's going to look like LeBron reneged on a proclamation. Going back on his word.

Or worse, he's scared.

LeBron James scared? Never that. But before people start believing that, we need an answer from the King. Like now.

So LeBron, "Where you at?"