12 things that would surprise me in the NFL

Sun, Jan 24
Jared AllenElsa/Getty Images The New Orleans Saints will try to go straight at Jared Allen. Not a smart move.

I'd be surprised if … Minneapolis' Paul Westerberg tries to top Prince by reuniting The Replacements for a Vikings' Super Bowl song.

I'd be surprised if … the Jets' chances don't come down to Mark Sanchez being able to read the soft spots in the Colts' Cover 2, you know, the gaps in coverage behind the linebackers and under the safeties, around 12-16 yards deep between the hash marks and the numbers.

I'd be surprised if … Braylon Edwards doesn't catch a pass he should have dropped and drops a pass he should have caught.

I'd be surprised if … anyone -- but especially the front office in San Diego -- truly recognizes how much talent and opportunity Norv Turner has piddled away with the Chargers.

I'd be surprised if … the Vikings' chances don't hinge on how long DE Ray Edward's banged-up knee holds up.

I'd be surprised if … even after cover stories on Drew Brees, Mike Vick and Andre Johnson, the coolest thing I did all season may have been my research trip to Toronto last week where I worked in a room lined with Wayne Gretzky's sticks from each of the milestones in his career.

I'd be surprised if … The NFL's plan doesn't backfire and the extra week wait for the Super Bowl doesn't make us all hate the Pro Bowl even more.

I'd be surprised if … As much as I like Jets safety Jim Leonhard that Colts TE Dallas Clark doesn't have a huge game today.

I'd be surprised if … Sean Payton isn't the only guy who has gone from coaching in a beer league in England to the doorstep of the Super Bowl.

I'd be surprised if … two weeks from now we aren't all sick and tired of hearing NFL labor and management bickering and whining about each other in the media.

I'd be surprised if … the Saints don't try to run at Jared Allen early to try and wear him down, only to discover that, uh, that freak never wears down.

I'd be surprised if … Brad Childress doesn't flip the script on Favre a little and finally let his inner Woody Hayes show a little bit today.