Saints fans, show your loyalty ... to your team!

Sun, Jan 24
Brett FavreMatt Stamey/US PresswireYes, we know that Brett Favre is a hometown hero, but New Orleans fans, come on!

As Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre celebrated a touchdown pass during the NFC Championship game, a handmade fan sign hanging from stands behind him clearly read "Saints Fan -- BUT Brett's the Man."



A thousand times no.

This is the National Football League. This is the playoffs. This is for the Super Bowl. You cannot -- I repeat: absolutely, positively cannot -- root for the home team and the opposing team's starting quarterback under any circumstances, including blood relation and fantasy football necessity, any more than you can simultaneously have goodwill toward Duke and North Carolina, pursue peace and prepare for war, enter the seminary and study the practical application of the Kama Sutra.

To put things another way: Saints-Vikings is not a McDLT. Did Ronald Reagan implore the Russian empire to "tear down that wall" … and then add, "but the 1972 Russian men's Olympic basketball squad is my favorite team ever?"

In love, there is no because; in fandom, there is no but.

People of New Orleans: you're better than that.