Page 2's Book of Irrelevant Quotes: Adrian Peterson

Tue, Jan 26
Adrian PetersonAP Photo/Ronen ZilbermanDoes Minnesota's Adrian Peterson have the strongest handshake in the NFL? Kurt Warner, watch it!

"I think the strongest handshake in the NFL belongs to Adrian Peterson. For the second time since April, I shook his hand; and for the second time I had to check to see if my fingers were still attached." -- Peter King, Sports Illustrated

"The first time I [shook hands with Peterson], I felt it all the way up to my shoulder.'' -- Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sage Rosenfelds

"[Peterson] has the world most devastating handshake." -- Kenny Mayne, ESPN

"Adrian Peterson has the strongest handshake this side of The Thing." -- ESPN Magazine

"Peterson's handshake more than lives up to its lore. There's no point in trying to equal this inhuman vise grip. If you do, the sinews of his forearm will pop out as he enhances his clasp, and your smile will twist into a pained grimace." -- Matt Snyder, Minneapolis City Pages

"Adrian Peterson's handshake keeps orthopedists in business. He squeezes your hand like he wants you to pull him back on the cliff." -- Berry Tramel, The Oklahoman