South Carolina fans storm court after huge win

Wed, Jan 27

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Yes, South Carolina Gamecocks fans stormed their home court Tuesday night after upsetting previously undefeated No. 1 Kentucky 68-62.

No, this is not a first-person account of storming the court at Colonial Life Arena. That would have been impossible for two reasons.

1. I had no rooting interest for either team. I joked to friends beforehand that I would be there strictly in a Jimmy Carter/U.N. observer/peacekeeping capacity.

2. My seat was 13 rows up in the upper deck.

So serving as an impartial observer on behalf of Page 2, let me pass along a few notes about the art and practice of allowing thousands of college students to storm a basketball court in 2010.

With 3:26 left and the Gamecocks up 56-51 after a Devan Downey layup, I nudged my friend next to me: "Do you believe in miracles?" The joke being that South Carolina ALWAYS finds a way to lose these types of games. The Gamecocks had never beaten a No. 1 team in their 102 years of playing basketball. That's referred to in the sports journalism business as "a drought."

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