X-ray machine a perfect gift for Giants or Jets fan

Fri, Jan 29

What do you buy that Giants or Jets fan who has all the usual memorabilia?

You know, they've got the kicking tee signed by Scott Norwood; they've got the panty hose signed by Joe Namath. You can't wow them with the typical stuff, so you've got to buy them a one-of-a-kind item. Like, say, the old X-ray machine at Giants Stadium, which is listed on eBay for $4,000.

Just imagine the look on your loved one's face -- when he descends the steps to his man cave and discovers that the X-ray machine to which Lawrence Taylor dispatched his victims is now bolted to the basement wall.

Emotion, thy name is joy.

Here's the full description: "This X-ray system was removed from Giants Stadium, which is currently being dismantled. The unit is in excellent shape and was used by both teams during games for injuries, physical exams for Giants players, World Cup soccer, college football games and all other events which required diagnostic imaging services. The unit is stored in South Plainfield, N.J. Delivery and installation can be arranged at a nominal fee."

No assembly required? Bonus. According to the listing, there are no current bids, but that'll probably change as soon as this guy gets wind of things.

Bidding ends Saturday at 3:18 p.m. ET. X-ray technician sold separately.

Tip of the hat to The Steady Burn for this item.