Tweeting at eye of Red Storm

Sun, Jan 31
Peter Robert Casey
Julie SchellPeter Robert Casey and his tweets are not going away anytime soon.

Back in August, I profiled basketball scribe and social media star Peter Robert Casey's bold new endeavor: He'd been invited by the St. John's athletic department to a spot on press row, covering home men's basketball games.

The twist? His coverage of the team would be done through his Twitter account, and his Twitter account alone.

Twenty games into the season, the Red Storm sit at 12-8. I checked in with him Tuesday, a day before St. John's lost 75-59 to Connecticut, to see how his distinctive media role has gone so far.

How have other media members on press row reacted to the guy covering the team in 140 characters or less?

Casey: Overall, the concept has been well-received. There's the occasional look of bewilderment and curiosity, or a newspaper veteran uttering, "I wish this would all go away" (true story), but most reactions have been positive -- particularly after I explain it.

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