Mike Tyson dancing with the (Italian) stars

Tue, Feb 2
Mike TysonAP Photo/Luca BrunoMike Tyson has mellowed to the point where he's taking fights with Italian TV hosts.

Advancing age seems to be the one sure antidote for athletes previously known for bad temperaments. An entire generation that knows George Foreman as a doughy, Bible-belting grill pitchman has little idea that he was once a surly boxer with a stare that could shatter glass. The calendar has a way of mellowing your ass out.

It's that march of time that has kept Mike Tyson largely out of trouble since his retirement from boxing in 2005. He's so demure at this point that, rather than feeling sheepish on the U.S. version of "Dancing with the Stars," he opted to make an appearance on the Italian version of the show.

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