Venus Williams pumped to be NFL owner

Sat, Feb 6
Venus Williams
AP Photo/Nekesa MoodyPart-owner Venus Williams is still learning about football.

Saturday, tennis stars and part owners of the Miami Dolphins Venus and Serena Williams will attend their first owner's party, which is part of a weekend of festivities the sisters are participating in during their first Super Bowl as owners of an NFL franchise.

"I'm very excited," Venus told Page 2 at The W South Beach, where she was at a launch party to celebrate her partnership with Tide plus Febreze Freshness Sport. "I think it will be awesome. I haven't really met any of the other owners yet so this will be the first time."

With 20 Grand Slam titles under her belt, it's hard to imagine that many things would make Venus Williams nervous, but mixing and mingling with NFL owners from across the league can make even the biggest names in sports anxious.

"In all my dreams I never imagined being NFL part owner," Venus said. "I'm glad they decided to help let me in. I hope they don't have any regrets about it!"

As for her Super Bowl pick?

"I don't have a pick, I just don't," Venus said, before adding, "I'm still learning about football."