This week's College Basketball DVR

Mon, Feb 8
Roy WilliamsAP Photo/Jim R. BoundsRoy Williams is not a happy man these days.

Welcome back to the College Hoops DVR, in which -- depending on whim -- we look backward or forward or just let things play, always in quick succession.

REW: Duke's proposed Super Bowl ad -- a rabid Blue Devils fan sitting beside an attractive female -- was rejected by CBS for being patently impossible.

REW: During Colorado's overtime loss to No. 1 Kansas, Colorado fans chanted "Overrated" at the visiting Jayhawks. They followed that up by chanting "We are losers."

STOP: In its ongoing campaign against obesity and poor eating habits, the University of California-Berkeley will no longer recruit McDonald's All-Americans.

PLAY: Nine-year-old hoops phenom Skip Tumylou, a third-grader from South Central Los Angeles, has narrowed his college choices to USC, UCLA and the Sorbonne.

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