Duke and UNC -- do they really hate each other?

Wed, Feb 10

There's a post on the "SportsCenter" blog that says the Duke-North Carolina rivalry is so passionate, even the schools' newspapers hate each other. Public Policy Polling, a reputable research group, says it's all hype -- that Duke and UNC fans don't really hate each other.

So which is it? Unless you're one of those sabermetricians, whom you should believe is obvious.

Deon Thompson and Kyle Singler
Streeter Lecka/Getty ImagesDeon Thompson and Kyle Singler will both be on the floor Wednesday night.

• If there were no hatred, the Cameron Crazies wouldn't get so angry that they need to write down their cheers in order to remember them.

• If there were no hatred, Tyler Hansbrough never would have been victimized by Gerald Henderson's elbow.

• If there were no hatred, the Dean Dome would be quiet enough Wednesday night for Roy Williams to hear what a rowdy fan says about one of his players. And whisper something to security.

• If there were no hatred, North Carolina would have officially become a football school after the Tar Heels fell behind by 25 points against Maryland on Sunday.

• If there were no hatred, this would be a series, not a rivalry.

• If there were no hatred, a dreadful Duke squad would never have pushed the '95 Tar Heels, who made the Final Four, to double overtime.

In spite of North Carolina's struggles this season, that '95 memory is enough to make you watch Wednesday night's game. Plus, we said so.