Boston athletes talk about dating horror stories

Sun, Feb 14

We all know Valentine's Day is supposed to be spent on a romantic date with your significant other, but what about dating disasters? Whose date threw up on him? Whose dating nightmare was with his future wife? Boston athletes share their worst date stories.

Marquis Daniels, Celtics guard: "It wasn't my date, it was actually my cousin's. He was meeting someone on a blind date. Since he had never seen her before, we got in my car and I drove him up to where she lived. We got to the house and he asked to speak to the girl, and when he saw her, she didn't look like he had expected. He was like, 'OK, I've got to turn around and get out of here.' So we tried to leave, but the car wouldn't start. So we were stuck there and he had to talk to her. It was funny. I was rolling laughing. It was a classic. We finally got the car started. It was a long time ago, like ninth or 10th grade, but it was hilarious."

Glen Davis, Celtics forward: "I went out to dinner with a girl and it wasn't going very well. Then she got food poisoning. So I had to take care of her and she ended up throwing up all over me. That was our first and last date."

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