It's time for Olympic table hockey

Wed, Feb 17
Table HockeyInternational Table Hockey Federation  

By finally wasting dedicating some time to watch the storied art of curling, I thought I would catch a glimpse of what qualifies it as an Olympic sport.

I didn't.

So when curling was followed by the U.S.-Switzerland hockey game, I came up with a brilliant idea. Here goes: If one side of the spectrum has rock sliding in the Olympics, and the other has bone-crunching hockey, then we need something in between. We need table hockey in the Games.

Why not? There's already an international governing body and a strict set of rules. Throw potential medals at these people and they would probably even adhere to the IOC's drug testing standards.

Think about it. What do you think takes more athletic ability -- gliding a stone across ice in a game of frozen shuffleboard, or the eye-hand coordination, reflexes and skill necessary to pass from your left wing, past a defender, to your center and then score on a goalie all in one fluid motion?


To the esteemed members of the IOC, don't consider this a plea so much as an educated demand. Hey, if you have the "stones" to keep curling around, you could at least give the fastest game on plastic a chance.