Some tough questions for Jimmy Clausen

Wed, Feb 17
Jimmy ClausenEzra Shaw/Getty ImagesJimmy Clausen will be at the NFL combine, but his participation will be limited.

A bum toe will keep Jimmy Clausen from working out for scouts at the NFL combine next week. Instead, he'll spend his time convincing teams he's matured greatly since he arrived at Notre Dame.

He must plan to wear a hat.

Clausen will also have to answer lots of questions. Page 2 got its hands on what some of the real bigwigs in the NFL are dying to ask Clausen:

• Daniel Snyder, Redskins owner: Just a ballpark figure -- what's the most money you can imagine spending?

• Bill Belichick, Patriots coach: We know you played in a pro system under Charlie Weis. Could you tell us a little about the hand signals they used and what they meant, and could you identify them from the sideline?

• Zygi Wilf, Vikings owner: So, how would you feel about moving back home to Southern California?

• Mike Brown, Bengals owner: The guy who beat you up in that bar, does he play football?

• Jerry Jones, Cowboys owner: Tony's got the on-field stuff covered. But tell me -- you ever date any famous girls in California?

• Lovie Smith, Bears coach: Answer this correctly, and the job is yours. If your jersey is blue, what color are your receivers wearing?

• Wayne Weaver, Jaguars owner: Just a question about your understanding of the game. If you were picking in the third round, you think that would be too early for Tebow?

• John Fox, Panthers coach: Is your name Jake Delhomme?