First look at NCAA Football 11

Fri, Feb 26
NCAA Football 11EA SportsThe exclusive first image of "NCAA Football 11." How many new features can you spot?

Numbers on helmets might seem inconsequential to some gamers, but if you're an Alabama fan, the fact that the video game recreation of your school doesn't accurately represent the uniform details you cheer so hard for on a weekly basis has been driving you message board mad & as in, leaving threats of "I'll never play the game again," on any sports gaming board you could find in hopes someone at EA will finally hear your cries.

Cry no more.

"Alabama fans, we hear you," says "NCAA Football 11" producer Ben Haumiller. "This game's for you."

That's right, not only will "NCAA Football 11" finally feature Alabama's famed look that includes numbers on helmets, but now when gamers create their own schools using the wildly popular "Team Builder" (over 500,000 teams were created last year), they can put numbers on the sides of their helmets then watch as they actually appear in-game.

But that's not all the "NCAA Football 11" creative crew has in store for this year's game.

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