End of Winter Olympics highlights Sunday Brunch

Sun, Feb 28
OlympicsAP Photo/Kevin FrayerIt's so sad to see the Winter Olympics in Vancouver end. When's football season?

And so it ends.

Promise not to cry Sunday night during the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. Actually that's a promise we can't keep as we started tearing up during the opening ceremonies when the Royal Canadian Mounties marched into the building. We're a sucker for the Mounties. It probably has something to do with Dudley Do-Right and all those times he saved Nell from Snidely Whiplash.

Whatever. Don't judge me.

Oh, and make sure you cheer during the USA-Canadian hockey showdown for all the gold. Cheer like you really care and then you can go back to ignoring hockey.

Lordy, I miss football.

(By the way, according to NBC, "34 percent of viewers delayed doing laundry or other household chores -- including paying bills -- in order to watch the Olympics." Well, as excuses go, that's a new one. "Hey, I would have made my car payment but I was watching the ice dancing.")

Now some other Sunday Brunch bits of tid before getting to the main meal:

• Be honest, wouldn't you love to party with those female Canadian hockey players?

• In case you missed it, civilization officially fell when John Daly signed a deal to endorse underwear.

• And according to something called the Davie Brown Index, Tiger Woods is now trusted by the public as much as Kid Rock and Andy Dick. If that's true, he should shoot himself.

Let's get to the main courses in the Sunday Brunch.

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