Jerseys so ugly even LeBron James can't sell them

Tue, Mar 2
Terrell BrandonDoug Pensinger/AllsportTerrell Brandon rocks the ugliest uniform ever in a December 1996 Cavs game against Washington.

With a few more guaranteed months left to sell LeBron James jerseys, the Cleveland Cavaliers have dusted off or remixed five of the team's former uniforms. Still, the styles and colors the Cavs rocked from 1994 through 1999 haven't cracked the rotation.

That confirms something we already suspected: Those are the ugliest jerseys ever made. Not even the almighty dollar or throwback fad, when ugly was "in," could bring the black-and-blues out of mothballs.

Those jerseys look like bad Father's Day presents. The splash of blue across the front would be appropriate only on the opening credits of "In Living Color."

From the age of Austin Carr to Craig Ehlo's era, the history of the Cavs is well represented in the team's attire. But the mid- to late 1990s are treated as if they never happened. Is it that hard to get out of the shadow of an obese Shawn Kemp?

Of course not. The truth is, not even LeBron James could make those things look cool.