NCAA tourney makes me 'Young and the Restless'

Sat, Mar 20

The NCAA tournament interrupted several life-changing events.

Ashley Abbott was on the verge of skipping town with a baby that probably isn't hers. The baby likely belongs to Nicholas Newman, who created the child while having an affair with his ex-wife, Sharon. Nick's brother, Adam, had stolen the baby as part of his evil plot to seek revenge against their father, Victor, who abandoned Adam as a child. Thankfully, the scheme was uncovered by Nick's current wife, Phyllis, meaning the same woman Nick cheated on was bringing him closer to his lifelong love, Sharon.

And you thought Sandra Bullock had problems.

But unfortunately, myself and millions of others CBS soap fans were deprived of our soaps on Thursday and Friday because of the NCAA tournament, so I have to wait until Monday to see what happens next in this elaborate baby-stealing scheme. Will Ashley submit her newborn to a DNA test so it can finally be determined if it's really Nick and Sharon's child? Will the evil Adam pay for not only stealing their baby, but blackmailing a seedy doctor who made Ashley believe she was pregnant, when in fact she had miscarried?

Look, I'm a huge sports fan and I believe the NCAA tournament is the most exciting postseason in sports, but watching Young and the Restless has been my guilty pleasure since I was a teenager. My soap opera viewing doesn't usually conflict with sporting events because I have TiVo, so come tournament time, it's always a difficult adjustment.

In no way am I suggesting I'd rather see a soap opera instead of the NCAA tournament -- at least I don't think I would? -- but I often wonder: Why can't CBS do a few million soap opera fans a favor and start the games a little later in the day so that we don't have to suffer for days as we await the conclusion of these agonizing cliffhangers?

Being a soap opera fan during March Madness is the worst.

Thankfully, I'm pretty sure it's Nick and Sharon's baby.