News flash: Darko Milicic is an angry ingrate

Wed, Mar 24

Although he's rich and rested, Darko Milicic is an angry man. When did money for nothing become a problem?

This week, he blamed former coach Larry Brown for not playing him during the Pistons' title run during his 2003-04 rookie season. In January, he said the Pistons "wasted" their pick on him and said he had no happy memories of playing in Detroit, since he never got on the court.

Darko Milicic
AP Photo/Mark Weber

What about memories of the first and 15th of each month?

He's earned roughly $37 million for playing 6,183 career minutes, a wage approaching $6,000 per minute. Yet Milicic wants to blame Brown? He should be thinking positively and thanking his agent. Without a rich daddy, sweetheart deals like that are difficult to find.

Had he actually played during his time in Detroit, he would have exposed himself as being unready for prime time. Instead, he rode the oak, allowing mystery and his greatest asset -- potential -- to get him a second contract worth $21 million, even though he scored 381 points in his first three NBA seasons.

Darko was a nightmare for Detroit, but he's living two American dreams -- rags-to-riches success plus easy, easy money. I wish I had someone to blame for that.