Chris Jericho talks videogames, WrestleMania

Sun, Mar 28
Chris JerichoWWEChris Jericho locks in the submission.

Edge and Chris Jericho were traveling together between shows back around 2000 when they stumbled upon a video game arcade. Looking for something to do, they wandered inside looking for an old-school "Pac-Man" or "Street Fighter" distraction when they saw a couple of kids knocking the virtual slobber off one another in the classic "WWF Royal Rumble" arcade machine. As Jericho approached, he noticed that one of the gamers was actually playing as the virtual Y2J, so he calmly walked up behind the young boy and asked, "Who's winning?" Of course, the kid nearly stroked out when he turned around and saw who just asked him the question, and before he could even realize what was happening, Jericho pulled out some quarters to challenge the winner.

"I like to do that sometimes, like if I'm driving around an arena and fans are walking in and if someone has a Chris Jericho sign, I'll roll down the window and shout, "Nice sign!" Then I'll drive away and see their reactions in the rearview mirror," Jericho says with a laugh as I get him on the phone to talk wrestling and video games.

What's funny, though, is back when Edge first told me that arcade story a few years ago, it sounded more like a stunt from some hidden camera show or commercial, but when I look back on it now, it's crazy to think about just how far Jericho and Edge have come. Think about it. Edge wasn't even in the game back then, and now he is facing his old friend Jericho for the world heavyweight championship at Sunday's biggest wrestling event of the year, Wrestlemania XXVI.

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