Showman Donald Trump chats about golf show

Sat, Apr 3

"Who else could get this many people together on a Wednesday night in the middle of New York City for a show on the Golf Channel?" asked one of the network's executives.

Getty ImagesDonald Trump's love for golf spurred his interest in a TV show pitting two celebs against each other.

Apparently, nobody but Donald Trump.

And Trump Tower was packed, too, as members of the press rubbed elbows with debonair socialites for the screening of a new show called "Donald J. Trump's Fabulous World of Golf."

Give away free Trump-tinis and fly in Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe, and people can easily excited about a golf show. Include trash-talking celebrities, and Trump just might be onto something.

About 30 years ago, "Shell's Wonderful World of Golf" was a famous show that pitted two pros against one another each week. Think: Arnold Palmer versus Gary Player. Intriguing, no doubt, but you still needed to be a true golf fan to enjoy it. Turns out, Trump was such a fan, and it was one of his favorite shows growing up.

So given Trump's love for golf (he owns 10 private clubs worldwide) as well as his proven TV success (people began lining up on the sidewalk 12 hours early for the next casting call of The Apprentice) it's no wonder this show got the green light.

Instead of professional golfers, though, celebrities go head-to-head on the links. Jerry Rice vs. Lawrence Taylor, Oscar De La Hoya vs. George Lopez, and -- ready for this? -- Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning are just some of the confirmed matches this season.

Meanwhile, Trump provides the color commentary in classic Trump fashion, saying things that make you roll your eyes, chuckle, and stay tuned.