90 bodyguards to protect Tiger Woods? Seriously?

Tue, Apr 6
Tiger Woods securityAP Photo/Charlie RiedelLast year, Tiger Woods had a handful of security around him at the Masters. This year ... wow.

Tiger Woods will be protected by up to 90 bodyguards this week at the Masters, according to reports in London's Daily Mail. Too many? Too few?

Page 2 presents a handy comparison chart:

Battle of Thermopylae, Spartans present 300

Pope, Swiss Guard 110

Tiger Woods, Augusta bodyguards 90

Saddam Hussein, inner-circle and second-level bodyguards 65

Roman Emperors, personal calvary squadron 30

Knights, of the Round Table 12-25

United States President, personal security detail 14-15

Peyton Manning, Max Protect Package 7

Public Enemy, S1Ws 5

Michael Jackson, personal bodyguards 3

Sarah Connor, protection from the Terminator 1