'Sunday Brunch' loves talking about movies

Sun, Apr 18

Don't you just love movies? Unfortunately, it's rare to see a great sports movie. Our theory at the Sunday Brunch is that Hollywood cannot make a fictional film as exciting and surprising as the real thing, but that doesn't stop producers and directors from trying.

Two sports flicks are in "development hell" right now. And just for kicks, throw in one Broadway show.

Legendary Green Bay Packer Coach Vince Lombardi is the subject of one planned movie and the play. The film will star Robert DeNiro and who can't see that? The play -- cleverly titled "Lombardi" -- will star Dan Lauria (who you will recognize as Dad in "The Wonder Years").

But I'm waiting for the TV series -- which should star Simon Cowell. To help sell the show, they'll tinker with reality just a little such as making it the Las Vegas Packers with an ex-show girl at quarterback. You'll love it.

The other sports flick being developed is, uh, "Moneyball," based on the Michael Lewis book. Brad Pitt will star and Jonah Hill will play the "statistics savvy" assistant.

Sounds like a thriller. Nothing says "summer blockbuster" more than a "statistics savvy" assistant.

What other Brunch bits of tid do we have?

• Jerry Rice debuted on the Nationwide golf tour, saying he had hoped to shoot his legendary playing number -- 80 -- but opened with 83 instead. Too bad he didn't wear 68.

• Kraft Singles has a "Tuesday Night Tickets" promotion with Minor League Baseball. Buy one ticket on a Tuesday and show a Kraft Singles package wrapper to get a second ticket free. Dynamite. Imagine how impressed your lady will be when you say "Sweetie, on Tuesday I'm taking you to a minor-league baseball game because I was able to get you a ticket by eating a piece of cheese. No need to thank me. That's how I roll."

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