The Lords of Football Discipline

Tue, Apr 20

Mike Shanahan wants his players to stay inside the lines. Literally. According to The Washington Post, the new Washington Redskins coach has instituted a series of discipline-instilling team rules. Such as: No double-parking in the team lot. No parking in handicapped spaces. No standing inside the ropes or lines unless you're playing on the field. No splatter outside the team urinals.

OK, we made the last one up. Still, will Shanahan's devotion to order and basic geometry pay dividends for the Skins on the field? Or will it simply prevent owner Daniel Snyder from having to hire a meter maid? Page 2 takes a closer look at the first-season methods and results of some previous disciplinarian football coaches:

Texas A&M University 1954 Bear Bryant No practice water. Ever. 1-9
Green Bay Packers 1959 Vince Lombardi 11 p.m. curfews; $10 fines for not showing up to team meals 7-9
Seattle Seahawks 1976 Jack Patera No water during practice; players must wear hats a particular way during pregame national anthem 2-14
New York Giants 2004 Tom Coughlin Coat 'n' tie dress code; no TV in weight room; no slouching; no beards or facial hair; socks must be midcalf. Less than five minutes early to team meeting? You're late (and fined)! 6-10
University of Miami 2007 Randy Shannon Players must wait 2½ years to live off-campus; gun possession gets you kicked off the squad 5-7
Washington Redskins 2009 Jim Zorn Practice dress code featuring fewer uniform colors 4-12
Cleveland Browns 2009 Eric Mangini Levied $1,701 fine on player who took $3 water bottle from hotel minibar 5-11
Detroit Lions 2009 Jim Schwartz Assigned player parking spaces in team lot; reportedly spent 25 minutes of team meeting discussing said assignments 2-14
Washington Redskins 2010 Mike Shanahan No double-parking, parking in handicapped spaces TBD