What's wrong with Joe Maddon wearing hoodie?

Tue, Apr 20

First the NBA, now this.

Joe Maddon, you've got to be wondering WT -- Fill In The Blank.

Joe Maddon
Kim KlementWhy is baseball telling coach Joe Maddon to stop wearing a hoodie?

I can hear you, 2000 miles away: Now you guys are banning sweat shirts? With hoods? What's next, you are probably asking, are they going to inspect the size of all the managers' pants (or pantaloons as they were originally called) to make sure they aren't too baggy?

Yeah Joe, welcome to where they put the "c" in corporate America.

Where fear in perceived urban fashion becomes more important than establishing guidelines for the use of instant replay.

So what Joe Girardi, Charlie Manuel, Joe Torre (collar up!), Ozzie Guillen, etc. all rock the official MLB track jackets. Some floss the windbreaker. Some do the satin jackets. Some do the pullover. Some either do the ThermaBase Premier or the Cool Base Garner jacket. All are deemed acceptable. But for you, he who rocks a hoodie like he has the movie poster of "Juice" hanging in his living room, they had to make a mandate.

"No more!" they musta screamed. Sounding like that girl in the beginning of Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back." The hood had 'em shook, you had 'em scared Joe. Thank goodness you didn't twist your cap to the side like CC Sabathia, no telling what else they would have banned.

But don't take it personal, my dude.

It's just standard procedure.

Bill Belichick is next, so you won't be alone in this. But understand, this has nothing to do with you … per se.

This whole thing is bigger than you. All pun intended, it's about the hoodie being too 'hood.