Drew Brees: The 'Madden NFL 11' interview

Sun, Apr 25
Madden NFL 11EA SportsBrees shows off his virtual mug thanks to a head scan he took for EA Sports.

What's the best thing about being a video game quarterback as opposed to playing the position in real life?

Nobody better to ask than "Madden NFL 11" cover boy and Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees.

"No pain," Brees says with a laugh. "I'm not worried about getting hit in 'Madden.' It's a little different when you're out there for real and you have to be aware of who is trying to knock your head off. If I get hit in the game, all that happens is my controller shakes."

But there are some things Brees loves about the real NFL that he thinks can never be captured in virtual form.

"I think the atmosphere of a game, where you step out on the field and you hear the crowd noise, is really special," Brees says. "Then when you throw a touchdown and run into that end zone and jump on a teammate ... that interaction and that atmosphere is obviously something where you have to be there to feel.

"But to me, being in 'Madden' is just another way to connect with the fans. It helps educates the fans about the plays, the players, the teams. I have a Wii, and when my son gets older, it's going to be fun to be able to play the game together. I have a feeling he's going to be a gamer pretty soon."

I had the chance to sit down with Brees just hours after his "Madden NFL 11" cover was officially unveiled in New York's Times Square to talk about the game, the Saints, and of course, that dreaded Madden Curse. Here's what EA's newest spokesman had to say.

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