Here's 20 things I learned this past weekend

Mon, May 3

1. Floyd Mayweather can take a punch.

2. Jockeys win major races, not horses.

3. LeBron with one arm still might be better than 90 percent of the league.

4. Phil Mickelson is -- at this moment -- the best golfer on the planet.

5. "Game 7" is always the two best words in sports.

6. Brett Favre is most definitely coming back.

7. Alex Ovechkhin is about to become the new Greg Norman.

8. You, at 20 years old, can shoot a 62 in the final round of a major tournament, win your first major, become an instant star, crowned the future of the sport … and somewhere on the other side of the world a kid younger than you in another major tournament can shoot a 58. Yeah … a 58 !

9. Deron Williams is without question the best point guard in the NBA and not just the one playing the best basketball.

10. Larry Merchant needs to retire.

11. Mint juleps taste only as good as the bartender who's making them. (And that they taste better in Kentucky than they do in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. I'm just saying.)

12. A new Gary Smith story is still the best travel companion next to the iPod.

13. I still can't decide which commercials are funnier: the Dos Equis "The Most Interesting Man In The World" spots or the Snickers commercials with Betty White and the one with Aretha Franklin.

14. If you wear a T-shirt with MJ and Kobe on it in Chicago, people stop you. In L.A., they don't.

15. How the divorce of a team owner (Frank McCourt) can destroy a team (Dodgers) and have an effect on an entire city (L.A.).

16. Jerry Stackhouse can still sing better than 95 percent of the people who have recording contracts.

17. Mo Williams can dunk.

18. There's no chance the Mets get to the World Series anytime soon as long as they have to go through the Phillies.

19. "The ghost of Robert Horry" is about to either come to life or (finally) be exorcised in the Spurs/Suns series.

20. Why is Floyd Mayweather not an American hero?