Wanted: Curling sheet at the bottom of the world

Thu, May 6
USA CurlingJamie Squire/Getty ImagesPutting together a decent curling sheet isn't as easy as you might think.

Antarctica isn't just a frozen wasteland. It's also home to a surprising number of scientists, researchers and other workers, most whom have access to a wider range of entertainment than you might think. Bowling, billiards, alcohol, music, the Internet, mind-numbing reality TV -- it's all available down there.

But there's one thing they don't have in Antarctica -- something rather surprising. They don't have curling.

And they want it.

"We're trying to build our own curling sheet down here, along with our own stones," writes Benjamin Bonnet, who works at McMurdo Station (the same research facility that was featured two years ago in the film "Encounters at the End of the World"). "As you can imagine, we have really limited supplies down here, and no flights coming in until August, so we have to be really creative. Do you know of anyone who constructs outdoor sheets and might be able to give some advice on how to go about it?"

It's not clear how Antarctica has managed to avoid having curling until now. The place is covered in ice, after all. Ah, but their ice is different than most other ice: Because the humidity in Antarctica is so low, the ice isn't very slippery (really!), which could pose a curling problem. How can you slide rocks down the ice if the ice isn't slippery?

But first things first -- they need to build a proper sheet. If you know anything about how to do that, contact Benjamin Bonnet here.